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Business Process Optimization with Google Apps for Work (G Suite)

The Google Apps for Work cloud services and applications suite is the best solution for supporting collaboration between employees. This set includes common web applications from Google.
For corporate clients, additional features are presented, such as email addresses with your corporate domain, more than 30GB for storing letters and documents, round-the-clock tech. support.
As a business partner, System Integrator specializes in introducing Google Apps for Work and Google cloud services systems into business processes, which have huge advantages over local software:
  1. The client pays for the use of the products he needs, while the cost of SaaS is much lower;
  2. Since Google Apps is a cloud-based solution, all user data is stored in Google’s secure data centers;
  3. The cost of acquiring Microsoft office suites and other software was reduced, since only a browser is needed to fully work in cloud storage;
  4. Such software is easy to use, and the manufacturer guarantees round-the-clock technical support;
  5. Transferring corporate documentation to the cloud guarantees reliable data storage in case of emergency unplanned situations, for example, server failure, lack of Internet or light.
It should be noted that today the majority of software companies are leaning towards the SaaS sales model, in which customers pay not for purchasing the software, but actually renting it. Thanks to factors such as the development of Internet technologies, the use of smartphones and tablets for work, it is safe to say that the future lies in cloud technology..

Securing your data with Google Apps for Work

The Google Apps cloud services package includes a set of important features to ensure the protection and security of user data. Moreover, the user has the opportunity not only to create and edit documents available to him, but also to endow other users with such capabilities. The latter himself chooses how much access to the document a particular user will have. Google provides continuous service and 24/7 technical support. In addition, Google Apps provides an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication. Using SSL protocols, the session in the browser is automatically encoded, this helps at times reduce the likelihood of theft of passwords or user data by crackers.

To use Google Apps, there is no need for VPN networks or other complex infrastructures; there are implemented security and compliance tools at the corporate level, including SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 Type II, SOC 21 certification.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the security and reliability of Google Apps applications, our experts will advise you and provide all the necessary information.

Our company provides the following range of services

  1. registration your company’s domain with Google Apps for Work;
  2. deployment and optimization of cloud solutions;
  3. transfer of corporate data to the cloud service;
  4. Google Apps staff and user training;
  5. payment for the use of Google Apps services by a legal entity, followed by the provision of all financial statements.

The main goal of the System Integrator team is to provide affordable and reliable tools for developing the business of our customers.

A closer look at Google Apps tools

Using Gmail to work, you must select the appropriate email address that will characterize the company or its designation on the network, the structure of corporate mail is as follows:
The Gmail email service of Google Apps has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. More than 30 GB of disk space for each user, with the possibility of increasing this volume at an additional cost;
  2. The Google Mail Offline application for the Google Chrome browser, with the help of which it is possible to read and create letters without an Internet connection.
  3. Security and safety of user data thanks to two-factor identification.
  4. Spam filter, disaster recovery, and save a copy of the email

Google Calendar Tool and Google Groups
Google Calendar is a unique service for scheduling events, meetings, and events.

This handy tool has the following features:
  1. creating reminders with a detailed description;с
  2. access to your personal calendar, possibly from any computer connected to the Internet;
  3. for planning common tasks, there is a sharing function;
With the help of Google Groups, it is possible to control access to sites, domains, calendars for a specific group of people. Such groups contain the email addresses of participants, which simplifies the implementation of a number of tasks. The creation of such groups is appropriate for teamwork, for organizing work processes between company departments.
Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google+ Hangouts
1.Google Docs. With this application, you can easily refuse to install MS office on your PC. Since the Google Apps for Work cloud solution has the ability to:
  • create various documents with tables, pictures, links and other content,
  • create tables, analyze the provided data using charts, pivot tables and filters,
  • create and publish presentations using a special editor,
  • create various forms, thanks to which you can easily and easily create surveys, plan events and collect all the necessary information.
When using Google Drive, you can work with documents on any device. This is a file hosting service that has the functions of storing files on the network, sharing and editing documents.

2. Google Sites – is a free website hosting service provided by Google. This is an ideal solution for users who do not have web programming skills. With Google Sites, you can easily place any type of content, including videos, presentations, text and graphic materials.
As part of the Google Apps for Work cloud service, this web service provides the user with 10 gigabytes of file storage.
3. Google + Hangouts -is a messaging and video conferencing service.
This software allows you to create chats or video conferences directly in Gmail.

Google+ Hangouts Features:
  • HD meeting video for up to 15 employees,
  • collaboration on documents during video broadcasting,
  • has the ability to work on any computers and portable devices (smartphones, tablets).

Transition Google Apps for Work

There are two types of transition: fast and sequential.
In a sequential transition, the data of those employees who occupy leading positions in the company are first transferred: chiefs, top managers, and managers. Then, if necessary, the data of the remaining employees of the company is transferred, while the email addresses of all employees remain in a single domain.
A quick transition is carried out within 30 days, depending on the amount of data and the current mail system. This transition is a one-time transfer of users to Google Apps for Work (G Suite).
Cost of using Google Apps (G Suite) for business:
  • G Suite Basic - $ 5 for 1 license per month
    or $ 50 per user per year (excluding taxes)
  • G Suite Business - $ 10 for 1 license per month
    or $ 120 per user per year (excluding taxes)
Our company accepts payments in Ukrainian hryvnia by bank transfer, while providing all the financial statements.
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