Servers & Infrastructure

An enterprise’s IT infrastructure is a single set of software, technical, communication, information and organizational and technological means of ensuring the functioning of the enterprise, as well as their management tools.

To ensure efficient operations, modern enterprises need an IT infrastructure consisting of an integrated set of systems, programs and services.

IT infrastructure should be holistic, as reliable as possible, well-designed, have a large margin of safety, meet not only the current state of the business, but also take into account its future development.

Basic IT infrastructure is the technological underpinning for other layers of corporate architecture.


Each company, when opening a new office or when moving, is faced with the task of creating a new IT infrastructure.

Laying and configuring a local network, installing and configuring equipment, configuring services, connecting to external communication networks, further maintenance.

Thanks to the offer of our company, all issues related to this complex task can be resolved by contacting one integrator.

Security systems

Our company offers optimal solutions in the design and installation of security systems.

We cover the whole range of work, which includes pre-project inspection of the facility and development of project documentation, laying communications, installation and commissioning of equipment, putting systems into operation, technical (warranty and post-warranty) maintenance.

The equipment we offer conforms to quality standards, and also has state certificates of conformity. We will develop and implement technical solutions individually for each object, which are based on high-tech equipment of the most famous world manufacturers.


IT consulting is a project-oriented activity related to information support of business processes, which allows an independent expert assessment of the effectiveness of the use of information technologies.

Today, most companies use IT in the management of their business. Information technology allows you to make a business more visual, more manageable, more predictable.


Our company has long and closely cooperated with leading manufacturers of server hardware and storage systems - IBM, DELL, HP and Supermicro, APC uninterruptible power supplies, Mikrotik and Draytek network equipment, NEC monitors and projection equipment, etc.

Making a choice in favor of "branded" equipment you get reliable and proven solutions, as well as technical support and a world-class guarantee.

Application software

Benefits of Remote System Administration:

  • You buy only the necessary service and only in the volume necessary for your business.
  • No need to pay after-hours work or vice versa downtime during working hours.
  • You get access to specialists of various competencies: from technical support to specialists of the integrator level.
  • You do not have the costs of recruiting personnel, personnel, accounting services and the maintenance of the workplace.
  • The contractor does not have holidays and sick leave. The contractor provides tasks when it is necessary for the customer. And at night, and on weekends, and on holidays.
  • Your IT service becomes transparent: you receive regular reporting on the tasks solved and the cost of solving them.


Website development of any complexity.

From a one-page landing page, to a full-fledged web application with unique functionality.

We have experience in creating business card sites, online stores and server applications that can be used, for example, as a backend for a mobile application.

If you already have a website, we can offer you its support, maintenance and development.