Video surveillance

Security, optimization of business processes, protection of private property - these are modern video surveillance applications. Today, the installation of such a system makes it possible to protect the company from unwanted intrusion, theft, it will allow you to monitor the work of employees, observe order and discipline, improve the working environment and control areas of increased security.

Application in business

Installation of video surveillance in retail outlets allows you to track the "hot zones" of increased attention and movement of buyers in the hall, and this makes it possible to analyze the display of goods and increase sales. This is just one example of business process optimization, which is becoming available with video surveillance for the head of the company.
Video surveillance today is used not only as a way to protect property, first of all it is a tool for optimizing the company's workflow.
The use of video surveillance in enterprises today is versatile:
  • protection of private property;
  • protection of tangible and intangible property;
  • corporate information protection;
  • optimization of management processes;
  • optimization of trading processes;
  • remote control of employees, important objects.
The main advantage of modern video surveillance is the ability to monitor work remotely online, from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

What we offer

The company "System Integrator" helps you acquire:
  • kits for wireless video surveillance;
  • network IP cameras;
  • wired video surveillance kits;
  • the turnkey system developed by us, which is completely ready for use;
  • Wi-Fi cameras;
  • transmitters and receivers of video signals on radio waves;
  • recording equipment.
We professionally design a video surveillance system, help determine the optimal kit, if you have not decided what suits you. We mount video surveillance indoors and outdoors, one camera or a connected network.
Most often we install video surveillance systems:
  1. In retail outlets: supermarkets and shops, shopping centers and squares.
  2. For business: in offices, departments, departments and business centers.
  3. At industrial service points: car washes, gas stations.
  4. In parking lots, public and private parking lots.

IP video surveillance

To remotely have access to control points of the company, the head can use IP-video surveillance. This is a set of network cameras that are directly connected to the World Wide Web, broadcasting or saving the image on a cloud server. The owner of the camera gets the opportunity to monitor the situation in the company from any Internet access point, using a special application or personal account on the site.
The video surveillance method is specially designed for top managers and directors who travel a lot, however, cannot leave managerial duties outside the office door.
Benefits of IP Surveillance:
  1. Round-the-clock access to cameras. Some models are equipped with infrared radiation, which allows you to control the situation at night.
  2. When the detector detects suspicious actions on the object, the cameras automatically turn on the recording mode, notifying the owner of the devices over the network.
  3. Cameras of this class are equipped with HD picture resolution, in which small details and shades are visible. This helps to recognize the offender’s faces, car number, etc.
IP Surveillance Features:
  • access to the camera’s cloud server from smartphones, tablets and PCs;
  • software is updated by the manufacturer;
  • communication of camera notifications with e-mail, mobile phone;
  • compatible with analog devices of other systems and subsystems;
  • connect without consumables - wires;
  • integrate with other systems and subsystems of control and security.
IP video monitoring is an advanced device for the protection and control of the company. Introduce new technologies into the business, protect yourself from the problems of the past.
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