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Network equipment MikroTik
The European company Mikro Tik produces network equipment in the middle price range. The difference from other manufacturers is the arrangement of all devices of the original RouterOS OS, which has a large set of functions for work. The target audience of the company's lineup is small and medium-sized businesses.
The functionality of the device is adapted to the cost-effective and necessary functionality of small enterprises. A feature of the models is the 100% use of the potential of software and hardware.
mikrotikAdvantages of Mikro Tik Equipment
  1. Reliability: devices are developed and assembled at European plants. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the time and quality of work of all equipment. The devices support a scripting language, because after-sales service fixes any problems of the software package, they support WatchDog, a technology for connecting to a damaged device.
  2. Software support: RouterOS operating system is regularly updated by the manufacturer, and firmware versions are suitable for equipment of all years of release.
  3. Functionality: the universal operating system RouterOS simplifies the choice, it’s enough to select the necessary hardware indicators. The range of equipment supports all the basic functions for the network.
  4. Cost: company policy - at affordable prices that will be cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses. This is the main quality competitor of Chinese equipment in cost.
  5. Versatility: Mikro Tik develops equipment that covers all options for network connections and interconnections. Extending network infrastructure or migrating configuration data provides universal software, including x86 servers.
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