IT infrastructure design

The complex of interconnected computer systems and information services of the company is called IT-infrastructure. It helps to establish the working and management processes of the company, internal and external communication of employees and customers.
The combination of services, networks and equipment is the foundation of the enterprise, its strategic asset. Modernization of IT infrastructure helps to develop a business, it simplifies the workflow for employees, reduces risks, and improves management efficiency.

To create an effective IT infrastructure, professional data collection and analysis is necessary in order to develop a plan for the particular business.

Stages of designing the company's IT infrastructure:

  1. We are developing an action plan for the project.
  2. We design the infrastructure.
  3. We introduce development to the company.
  4. We create reporting documentation.

Stages of implementing IT infrastructure in a company:

  1. We create the structure of engineering and cable networks.
  2. We are implementing a network infrastructure.
  3. We install a personal telephone exchange (PBX).
  4. We supply network, computer equipment and software.
  5. We mount servers and accessories.
  6. We introduce a local (virtual) network.
  7. We install network services, we use the TCP / IP protocol.
  8. We integrate basic directory services and domains.
  9. We are deploying storage servers.
  10. We integrate internal file management services (DBMS).
  11. We are implementing a system of data protection, Internet traffic.
  12. We implement mail services and servers.
  13. We bring and implement communications.
  14. We introduce servers: terminal, backup, antivirus protection.
  15. We mount jobs for employees.
  16. We mount additional working equipment, peripheral components.
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