LAN is a computer network (one or more) that is used locally: within a department, office, company, city, etc. It may include different buildings located relatively close by. The maximum range of the local network is 12 500 km, the distance to the orbital space stations.
The purpose of the LAN is to create a single secure space for communications and data transfer within one company. A well-organized network allows employees to access the necessary information, preventing attempts to penetrate from the outside and leak corporate data.
LAN is an internal network for the secure interaction of employees of one organization.

LAN elements

  1. Conductors and devices for connecting active network devices and signal transmission: cable system, SCS, patch cords, connectors, patch panels, sockets, cable channels.
  2. Equipment for managing interactions within the network. Packet data transmission is controlled using active device algorithms that allow you to obtain an encrypted connection within the network, and distribute the load.

What we do

  1. We study the company's business processes:
  • determine the information interaction of employees within the organization;
  • find out the number and location of branches within the state and abroad;
  • determine the intensity and means of communication with company customers.
  1. We analyze the installed data exchange system in the company::
  • conduct an inventory of connections (wired and wireless);
  • testing channel stability and packet data rate;
  • conduct an inventory of documentation, upgrade it, or develop it again.
  1. We prepare a comprehensive solution:
  1. Internal network project;
  2. Estimate: the cost of installation work, supplies and equipment;
  3. Documentation: report on completed work on creating a LAN.
  1. We are implementing a project to create a logical computing network for the company.
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