Audit of IT infrastructure helps to analyze the work of the enterprise, identify the weaknesses and strengths of communication within, between employees, and external communications with suppliers, dealers, customers, etc. The second purpose is to increase the team's work efficiency through the modernization of software, computer and network equipment.

To do this, inventory and analyze the company's IT infrastructure: equipment, programs, employee skills and communication networks. After the survey, they compose a new model of optimized infrastructure and build a forecast for future work.

Analysis allows you to comprehensively evaluate IT infrastructure, highlight weaknesses and strengths, and modernize structure and management.

Audit objectives

  • Get objective data on the functioning of computers, networks, devices, programs.
  • Highlight comprehensive and independent data on the status and operation of information systems of the company. Based on them, determine the level of integration in business processes, identify problems of systemic work.
  • Upon completion of the analysis, draw up a program for the modernization of IT infrastructure, recommendations for development in order to organize work in a new way without old errors.

What are we doing as part of an IT audit?

  1. Inventory:
  • computer equipment and components;
  • system equipment and network;
  • software that is installed on all computer equipment of the company;
  • user skills in software management.
  1. Expertly evaluate:
  • the current state of the company's computer equipment, we compare the quality of functioning with the norm;
  • usability: user satisfaction from the convenience and quality of equipment and systems.
  1. We form a further network operation scheme:
  • We study the current and necessary functions of the existing infrastructure;
  • Based on the analysis, we reveal the current shortcomings of the IT infrastructure.
  1. We comprehensively analyze the data obtained:
  • quality of telephone communication, methods of communication and call processing by employees;
  • conditions of printing equipment, ink, cartridges and paper;
  • Compliance with software license rules;
  • all operational risks and measures that have already been taken to reduce them.
  1. We develop:
  • IT infrastructure optimization plan with recommendations for correcting deficiencies to improve the quality and speed of employees;
  • We are preparing a comprehensive proposal for the modernization of systems for the calendar year.
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