GSM Alarm system for an enterprise, office, home or apartment

Burglar alarms and GSM alerts are the main components of a security system in an enterprise.

A security alarm is a system to alert employees, and sometimes security authorities, of any emergency situations, from intruders entering the territory to theft or damage to property. The main task is the protection of private property.

We offer installation - GSM and GPRS alarms. Both types of protection are designed to detect danger in a timely manner by notifying about it over the network to the center. 

Our services include:

  • system design;
  • installation of equipment in the building of the organization;
  • creation of autonomous alarm;
  • installation of the “Panic Button” alerts the center and security agencies;
  • the transfer of the enterprise under the control of a central monitoring console as a UGSO.

We will help to integrate the security alarm system, for this we use an advanced hardware-software complex:

  • video surveillance;
  • access control systems.

The System Integrator company will help you determine the type of security alarm you need if you do not know what to choose. Contact us for advice on the Contact page and we will launch an effective security system for your company. 

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