Yaroslav Shipitko

Head of IT Infrastructure.
Great experience, instant reaction, crisis management.
Work experience :
ООО «CityNet»
Cable installer
  • Fiber optic welding;
  • Organization “last mile”;
  • Connect subscribers;
ООО «CityNet»
Safety engineer
  • Staff briefing;
  • Records management;
  • Preparation and submission of reports;
«System integrator»
Chief Engineer
  • Setting up and maintenance of a PC fleet, local networks, network and peripheral equipment, office equipment. (more than 180 users, 10 regional divisions);
  • Software support (Windows All version, antivirus protection, Ubuntu, MS Office, Medoc, 1C: Enterprise, “League-Law” “Consultant”, etc.);
  • Installation, configuration, administration of Windows-based servers (AD, DC, FTP, DHCP, Media Server, Terminal Server, Mail Server);
  • Audit, consulting on equipment selection, building server and local infrastructure. Inventory and classification of information resources, risk assessment;
  • Configure and support analog and IP telephony;
  • Assembling of SCS, installation and configuration of network equipment (routers, Wi-Fi access points), as well as telephone lines, wireless Wi-Fi bridges;
  • Virtualization based on ESXi, KVM;
  • Backups, data recovery, data encryption;
  • Maintenance of active network equipment (Mikrotik, Cisco, D-link, Ubiquiti);
  • Server maintenance (Supermicro, HP);
  • Registration, accounting, analysis of request from users, redistribution, diagnostics and troubleshooting (locally and remotely);
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of digital and analog video surveillance systems (NVR, DVR);
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of alarm systems based on centrals (Lun, Strazh, Satel);
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of system of turnstiles;
2005-2010 - Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
  • Specialty: "Chemical technology of inorganic substances";
  • Qualification: Specialist;
Key skills:
  • focus on results;
  • determination;
  • teamwork;
  • independence;
  • responsibility, organization, commitment, exactingness to oneself and others.
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